When #1 WTA player meets 1st Grand Slam Trophy there is only one lesson to be learnt: #neverevergiveup

Congratulations Simona Halep! You marked the 9th of June 2018 as a historical day for you and for your efforts and you put Romania 1st!

One year before, on June 9th, 2017 I was writing this words, just before the Rolland Garros final you were going to play the next day in the context of Romania’s meeting with President Trump:

”There is no doubt the meeting will be ‘’Romania’s first’’ news until the Roland Garros final tomorrow when Simona Halep will also put Romania First in the WTA Rank.

But there is a huge difference between the Roland Garros final and the news ‘’Iohannis meets Trump’’. Simona’s presence in the final is first due to her effort, talent, ambition and her pursuit of performance. She does what she knows best and she’s very good at it. She is in the final tomorrow because she is Simona Halep.You can find the whole article HERE.

Indeed, the tennis Simona played today marking her first Grand Slam Trophy came exclusively from Simona’s efforts, talent, ambition and her pursuit of performance. On short Simona taught us today what means to #neverevergiveup.

I admit it was wishful thinking from me one year before when I predicted exactly one year ago that Simona will become the next day #1WTA by winning her 1st Grand Slam Trophy.

Exactly one year after my prediction both statements came true so it might sound like ”forward looking”. Right? :). In the last year, by never ever giving up, Simona reached #1 WTA rank and today won her first Grand Slam Trophy. Which is very pleasant to predict this based on what we learnt from Simona’s way of living #neverevergiveup.

I am quite used to be right in economic predictions or economic related predictions. My readers remember that I was the main journalist who forecasted the 2008-2012 crisis in Romania since 2006 while I predicted the budgetary mess we are going through nowadays since 2015. I was right.

I was also right on February 26th 2016 when I wrote this article:

Poziția mea la atacul furibund al lui Mugur C. Isărescu. Și un telefon de la Washington.

It was less than one year after my article which clearly stated that Mugur C. Isărescu is well known in Washington DC on a different name than the one in his ID, it became public that Mr. Isarescu was pretty well known as Manole – his identification in his relation with the former Securitate regime.

It was also less than one year after November 1st 2016, when I wrote this open letter to the Romanian Parliament, till the the head of the Romanian Supervision Authority, Misu Negritoiu was revoked for messing up the insurance market.

In the letter I showed the reasons behind this fact: ,,Tehnicile și sistemul relațional utilizat astfel de domnul Mișu Negrițoiu aparțin unor vremuri demult apuse, care nu mai sunt compatibile cu statutul de stat membru NATO și al Uniunii Europene.”

Less than one year, Mr. Negritoiu was dismissed from the public position he got due to the lucrative relations with people in what everybody calls now #deepstate:

Fostul lucrător în comerțul exterior de până în 1989, Mișu Negrițoiu, a fost revocat de Parlament din poziția de Președinte ASF.

After the Roland Garros final today, I felt proud again when the Philippe-Chatrier Arena speaker presented the new champion: ,,la Roumaine Simona Halep”!

I also felt proud on June 1st 2018, when Mihaela Buzarnescu, Ph.D, also taught us at Rolland Garros, the result of #neverevergiveup. Congratulations!

As a conclusion, by the historical performance today, Simona taught us  ”it’s just a matter of time…” if you ”never ever give up”. And Simona’s performance today gives me and should give to many who guide their lives after this principle, a lot of confidence. Strong confidence. That’s why I gratefully say: Thank you Simona Halep!

Photo credits: http://www.wtatennis.com/news/halep-lifts-first-grand-slam-trophy-roland-garros



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