Iohannis meets Trump. A historical moment for Romania in the operation Game Over.

There is no doubt the meeting will be ‘’Romania’s first’’ news until the Roland Garros final tomorrow. Simona Halep is supposed to set Romania First in the WTA Rank.

But there is a huge difference between the Roland Garros final and the news ‘’Iohannis meets Trump’’. Simona’s presence in the final is due to her effort, talent, ambition and her pursuit of performance. She does what she knows best and she’s very good at it. She is in The Final tomorrow because she is Simona Halep.

On the other hand, Iohannis wouldn’t be at the White House tonight (21.00) just because he is Klaus Iohannis. He is meeting President Trump simply because Iohannis happens to be the President of Romania, now.

Iohannis would be a foul to interpret his (un)officially pray to meet Donald Trump (officially accepted by President Trump) is exclusively a form of showing respect for him, as a person. I have no clues to believe Donald Trump has strong reasons to respect Klaus Iohannis as a person. But there is no doubt, President Trump’s invitation is first a form of respect for the Romanian Nation who is sharing more and more the American Values, mainly the rule of law, in a critical moment for the future World, because the world is changing.

Sometimes, in historical moments, I try to predict what will happen next. Lucky me, most of the times, in critical moments, I am right. As reality proved not so long, it was just a matter time till the following events confirmed my thoughts that came mainly from my experience and my fully sharing of the American Values: rule of law, check and balances and so on.

That’s how I was able to identify soon enough, 15 months ago, after receiving a call from Washington DC, that the Operation Game Over in Romania has began. Also known as lustratio (lat.)  The story you read here first it was related to Mugur Isarescu’s story, about the underground roots of his ascendance and his imminent fall as seen from Washington DC, after still using his historical connection and lack of democratic education in ,,the new world’’. Such tools make him deeply incompatible with being Governor in a NATO and an European Union democratic State, such as Romania. It was just about a year since his lustration went public, when Emilia Sercan wrote the most translated Romanian article ever in the financial world: ‘’Mugur Isarescu, ofiter deplin conspirat’’.

According to Emilia’s article, Isarescu’s undercover activity was mainly during the time when the former Securitate’s foreign arm (DIE) was spying NATO countries and people.

During the Great Recession (2009-2012), the Romanian banking system being supervised by the former ‘’Manole’’ recorded a historical bloody bad performance: more than 1 in 5 loans originated in the economic boom triggered by Romania’s accession into NATO and EU proved to be bad loans.

The main bank in Romania (BCR) who seems to be the most penetrated banking institution in Romania by the former Securitate’s officers had 1 in 3 loans as bad loans.

Isarescu’s de facto lustratio process started on February 26th 2015 (my article) and is  elegantly suppose to end after his last mandate as a Governor, in 2019.

By 2019, Isărescu would have survived to at least 21 prime-ministers and governments (including this) and for me it is no secret that his whole career is rooted in his vocational pleasure to report to his superiors before 1989 what the diplomats eat and most of all, what they drink.

Recently, Liviu Dragnea acted boldly (against the will of Romania’s Senate President, Calin Popescu Tariceanu- who is investigated for lying under oath) for the lustration of another former foreign affairs employee, Misu Negritoiu.

After being dismissed in 2012 from his executive position at ING Bank Romania, (after ING Bank Romania was found guilty for financial crimes related to violating US embargo to Iran) Misu Negritoiu was promoted by Isarescu’s support as the Head of the Romanian Financial Supervision Authority. Soon after his appointment, Negritoiu turned the insurance market into a mess (comparable to the bad loans growth under Isarescu’s ‘’supervision’’). Finally, on May 11th, Negritoiu was lustrated.

Operation Game Over, the anticorruption fight and the lustration.

I was inspired by Ovidiu Oanta (Protv correspondent) when he brilliantly asked Mr. Hrebenciuc the former ‘’Richelieu’’ of the now Romanian ruling party (PSD) in front of the DNA (Romania’s respected institution who fights, as an institution, against  corruption) a couple of years ago: ,,Is it Game Over for the great Hrebenciuc?’’.

Putting the ‘’Game Over’’ into context, I couldn’t find a better name for the American legitimate interest for strategic partners countries that was publicly stated clear in Dr. Sarah Sewall’s historical speech ‘’New frontiers in Understanding and Addressing Corruption’’ on December 09, 2014, where the former US undersecretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights).

She said: ‘’From the Balkans to the Black Sea to the Bay of Bengal, corruption leaves nations and people vulnerable to direct internal threats or to manipulation from the outside. We are aware of these threats, and our embassies in two dozen countries in central and eastern Europe are currently drafting action plans for supporting and cooperating on anti-corruption reform in their host country. Corruption is not just an affront to American values, then; it is a threat to American interests. Left unaddressed, corruption in distant lands can cut to the heart of our national security. Yet we are just starting to grapple with the seriousness of corruption’s destabilizing impact. I don’t know of any security-focused organizations that are systematically charting these impacts over time, a symptom of how invisible and invidious a foe corruption remains’’.

By that time, I clear stated this speech marks a turning point in the World, while America is redefining the root of evil deeper than the terrorism. After his historical speech, the root of evil become money laundering, corruption, tax evasion who are the roots of the former roots of evil. The the new definition of the root of evil become the money stolen from nations by corruption and tax evasion.

Four reasons for President Trump not to fully respect Klaus Iohannis, but full respect the Romanian Nation. Tonight we will find out probably the fifth.

Till now, Romania didn’t prove to understand this since even the new Government, headed by the prime-minister accepted by President Iohannis, tried to turn a bill into law not only for tolerating stolen assets but to launder them: instead of confiscating the non declared money, Iohannis and his Prime-Minister seemed to be more inclined to launder them by imposing a 0-16% tax on the sums that cannot be justified.

I add Iohannis at this scheme for two reasons: first, because he ‘’threatened’’  to have a say on ‘’the new fiscal’’ that never came but mainly because when he had ‘’his own government and his own prime minister’’ (in 2016), his administration tried to promote in the same way the laundering of the stolen assets. As I wrote, this initiative started back in 2014 and survived even in 2017, and probably just the US lead international effort in order to protect the US financial system and the global financial system from harbouring stolen assets made all the efforts against the rule of law in Romania, to fail.

I stated clear several times that from such a ‘’fiscal code’’ the real beneficiaries will be the former Securitate’s officers who are still harbouring stolen assets in ‘’untouchable’’ fiscal jurisdictions till now. But now, having in mind the worldwide efforts through OECD, G20, IMF, lead by USA are making impossible not to trace the stolen assets, and even Romania has the tools for simply confiscating them, not to launder them. 

Hindering stolen money and not protecting them was is line with the Global Statement made clear by Sewall: ,,The proceeds of corruption are often sheltered in banks or shell corporations in Western Europe and the U.S. These ill-gotten gains can be used to prop up unaccountable regimes or finance terrorism. We are working with our partners, especially at the G20, to guarantee that our financial systems are not havens for stolen assets.’’

That’s the first reason for President Trump not to respect Klaus Iohannis, in my humble opinion, while fully respecting the Romanian Nation.

The second reason is that Klaus Iohannis, as a person, cannot achieve President Trump’s respect since they are so different (even if the roots of their individual fortune, taking into consideration the proportions, are both from real estate). President Trump’s fortune come from a 1 million dollar loan from this father that he turned into billions, while Klaus Iohannis fortune come from ,,borrowing’’ (a.k.a crooking a will for owning) a house, using the rents coming from that house to buy and pay other houses, and building a fortune (in Romania’s term). But President Trump has reasons to respect the fact that Romanian independent justice system finally is in bud since Romania’s Pitesti Court of Appeal ruled against President of Romania who wanted to keep a house he got by fraud, as you read here.

The third reason comes from he second: in the case mentioned above, Romania’s President  was advised and defended by a former Securitate Officer. This kind of Iohannis (own?) choice, together with his expressed ‘’non content’’ about a definitive decision of a Court that stated the house got by Iohannis was based on a crooked will, is able to show not just to President Trump but to the whole world that President Iohannis is putting his actions divergently where putting his mouth: while pretending he is a supporter of the rule of law and knowing  the house came from a crooked will, he’s acting to dismiss the rule of law. And this is not tolerable not just for President Trump, but for the whole US Administration in the whole US History since the Declaration of Independence. As I showed before, choosing a former Securitate officer as a lawyer who build his fortune mainly on contract with the Romanian Authorities and using the historical links before and after 1989, including his former colleges (some of them are strongly related with ‘’independent’’ judges), is not compatible with the rule of law.

The fourth reason is related to the famous Ordonance 13 (that was subject for Iohannis to receive a prize in the USA, two days ago). I have a different take than most of others.

In the probably Top 3 pictures in Romania’s Media this year, taken exclusively by the respected independent journalist Cristian Botez, President Iohannis is seen in the Presidential car laughing with all his teeth after being in the Univrstate Plaza where he delivered a strong message against corruption: ,,A gang of penal politicians are trying to undermine the anticorruption efforts’’.

First, the legendary laugh showed my that President Iohannis rather faked a strong preoccupation for the protection of anti-corruption fight, since right after delivering the speech (in my opinion the best scene for delivering it would have been at the Cotroceni Palace) was rolling on the floor laughing.

Second, I underlined everywhere that before the night of January 31st 2017, when the government protected by night acted as thieves and adopted and published the Ordinance in the Public Journal, during the day of January 31st, President Iohannis led the CSAT, including the chiefs of  the nation’s intelligence services.

In the historical hours between ending the CSAT and adopting the Ordinance 13, there was no clue publicly stated from President Iohannis, at Cotroceni, that the Government is going to adopt such a law that night. If the ”gang” acted as ,,thieves” by night, who was safeguarding them?

Only one of the three explanations are valid for me to explain the Iohannis’s‘’Sphynx’’ attitude during those hours: a) he was not informed by the intelligence services; b) he ignored the notes of the intelligence offices that in the following hours some nightly bandits will act against the rule of law; c) he was a silent safeguard to the ,,gang of penals’’.

No explanation is good for President Iohannis for not telling to the Romanian Nation, directly, that he has strong clues that during that night the Romanian Government led by the prime-minister he appointed will make a huge step against the rule of law. NONE. And such a public appearance would have been the most appropriate attitude for someone who’s respecting the rule of law, not faking the respect.

Fortunately, the Romanian Nation did not need President Iohannis to lead the citizen’s increasing believe there is no an alternative to the rule of law. Which is a strong reason for President Trump to fully respect (and protect) the Romanian Nation while supporting and developing this believe.

For sure, President Trump likes a lot, but never liked FAKE. And that’s the four reason.

The five reason is the most important because is the sum of all four above. Tonight, we will find out if the perception for President Trump regarding Iohannis as being FAKE or RELIABLE. 

And that’s the reason for the meeting, while US Administration perception for the Romanian Nation is that us, in an increasingly manner and number, would never accept an alternative to the rule of law.

And that’s why tonight, in a rather long press conference after the meeting, President Trump will address both to the USA Nation and to the Romanian Nation. Is not a meeting and a press conference designated for Iohannis, who happens to be now the President of Romania.

President Iohannis has to prove today that is not FAKE.

And President Trumo will find out if President Iohannis is a full-time, full-hearted supporter of the anti-corruption fight in Romania, or, at least, if he is working to put his actions where he puts his mouth and is not supporting just a selective anti-corruption fight.

The USA Administration publicly showed in 2014: ,, our embassies in two dozen countries in central and eastern Europe are currently drafting action plans for supporting and cooperating on anti-corruption reform in their host country.’’

I’m fully convinced that without this legitimate and needed effort in the legitimate benefit of American but mostly in the benefit of the Romanian Nation, the anticorruption fight in Romania would have resumed at some local crooks, police officer, no politicians related to the former Securitate, no judges related to the former Securitate, no lawyers related to the former Securitate, no public administration ‘’tzars’’ related to the former Securitate (as Isarescu and Negritoiu were, in my humble opinion).

The meeting and the message tonight will be historical for the Romanian Nation (and in the benefit of the us, but critical for Klaus Iohannis, who happens to be now the President of Romania).

It would be a good advise for the former Physics Professor to apply and not the fake applying the ,,arguably Newton’s third law’’: in order to move forward you have to leave something behind. In my opinion the historical Pitesti Court of Appeal Decision earlier this year proved Romania is able to leave the former Securitate behind in order to move forward. I bet that President Iohannis, as a physics professor, never taught this law to the students he claims to be at the base of his real estate fortune. And, in the highly improbable case of teaching them the law, he never suspected that after 20 years, he and his attorney will be the subjects of the Newton’s third law as they were as a consequence of the justice being more independent than ever, in the case of the house that Ioannis’s family got by fraud.

If  Trump feels today that Iohannis is faking the believe in the rule of law and silently supports a selective anti-corruption fight, Iohannis will become the subject of the Newton’s third law: in order to move forward, Romania has to leave Iohannis and the former Securitate behind.

If Iohannis assumes and convinces that from today, June 9th 2017 on, he will be a no faked supporter of the rule of law and will be able to give guarantees that he is not supporting anymore the former Securitate, even by not winning a second mandate, just the former Securitate will be the subject of the Newton’s third law and will be left behind. In arguably Trump’s world the message will be like: ‘’fake it till you make it baby. But make it’’. No doubt, Trump is putting America first. If Iohannis will fake putting Romania first, he will not make it.

That’s why the meeting today is historical. Each of the two versions will be in the benefit of Romanian Nation as they will mark a bold a decisive step in the operation ‘’Game Over’’. And that’s why the meeting today will be in our benefit in the new world to come, marked by the President Trump speech to the Romanian Nation, not to Klaus Iohannis, who happenes to be the President of Romania, now.



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