De ce intarzie publicarea datelor de buget, care ar fi trebuit comunicate inca de vineri?

Executia bugetara pentru luna precedenta este prezentat public in 25 a lunii urmatoare.

Asta inseamna ca vineri, 25 septembrie 2020, ar fi trebuit sa fie prezentat public modul in care s-au incasat veniturile si efectuat cheltuielile pentru lunile ianuarie-august 2020. Nu s-a intamplat asa, si indraznesc sa spun public, deliberat.

Florin stie criticile mele la adresa lui Teodorovici, de fiecare data cand acesta intarzia publicarea cifrelor de buget, critici pe care le imbratisa cand nu era ministru de finante.

Desigur, nepublicarea datelor vineri 25 septembrie 2020 este o manevra dolosiva, probabil cu intentia de nu avea publice datele inainte de alegerile locale din 27 septembrie 2020. ,,Opozitia”, nici de aceasta data, nu a schitat macar o grimasa privind neindepliniarea acestei obligatii legale.

Mai ales in contextul in care, dupa primele 7 luni ale anului, gaura bugetara era de 50 de miliarde de lei (peste 10 miliarde de Euro), echivalentul a 4,7% dintr-un PIB prognozat, cu stiinta falsificarii prognozei. In fapt, mai apropiat de 5% din PIB, niciodata inregistrat dupa doar 7 luni.

Si ca sa raspund la intrebarea din titlu, in absenta datelor, raspunsul meu este simplu: situatia finantelor publice se degradeaza ametitor, pe fondul politicilor #nimicpentrupopulatie.


The budget figures for the previous months are set to be released by the 25th day of the current month.

According to this, on Friday, September 25th, we should have had already the public data for the budget (how the expenses were made, and how the revenues were collected for January-August 2020). It didn’t happen like this, and in my humble opinion, this was done on purpose.

Florin, who leads the Ministry of Public Finances of Romania knows my constant critics against his predecessor, Eugen, and while he was in opposition, was a fervent supporter of my critics.

That’s why not publishing the budget figures on September 25th seems to be a manipulative step in order not to have access to the data before the local elections. ”The opposition” didn’t even raise a brow about this.

The context: after the first seven month of the year, Romania registers a 50 billion lei (more than 10 billion Euros) gap in the budget. This is 4.7% budgetary deficit, but the real deficit is closer to 5% after 7 month, having in mind the official prognosis for this year GDP is highly overestimated (the nominal GDP is almost the same with the 2019 GDP while the decrease in economic activity is officially forecasted wrong, as -3.6%).

Romania has never registered a 5% GDP deficit after just 7 months of the year.

So, my answer for the question of the article is: they hide the public deficit figures in order not to show the real state of the public finances, which are rapidly degrading. In the context of the official policies of Romania that I described as being #nothingforthepopulation.


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